Tana Oy

Strategic partnership

Strategic partnership

Tana Oy has evolved from a traditional engineering workshop into a customer-centric service business. Collaboration with Toijala Works began in 2006 when Tana outsourced the manufacture and assembly of its landfill compactors and waste shredders to Toijala Works in order to focus on product development and support, marketing, purchasing and network management. Tana’s CEO, Kari Kangas, observes that the company’s business idea prioritizes adding value for the customer.

– “The reason we concentrated production in Toijala Works was their versatile machine building skills and genuine ability to listen to the customer. Their flexibility in handling large volume fluctuations was also well-known. Toijala Works is a strategic partner for Tana, with whom we develop products and processes to better meet today’s more exacting customer demands,” says Kari Kangas, CEO.

– ”Tana has three main goals for the future: to maintain competitiveness, quality improvement skills and short lead times. We seek solutions together with Toijala Works, and I believe ways and means can always be found. Toijala Works is an extremely flexible partner for Tana’s needs. We’re able to react rapidly to changes and market needs, and there is good personal chemistry between our people,” notes Tana’s Markku Marjakaarto.

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