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Your partner in machine building

If it fits through the door, we can build it. Or build a bigger door.

Our task is to execute your vision. And this we do smartly – no matter if we’re making a whole machine or a few parts. And, yes – we have to widen the door from time to time – as we’ve done since the 1960s.

Our long experience of machine building guarantees that we’re able to develop the products and their production methods, together with customers. We master the different stages of the production process and we can respond to customers’ changing needs promptly and efficiently. We’re known for our lengthy customer relationships, and diverse and flexible manufacturing resources – and, of course, our spirit! We believe the best result is obtained when the job is done seriously, but with a twinkle in one’s eye.

Mastering the whole process

We understand the whole machine building process, from design to network control and assembly. Familiarize yourself with our total delivery process ->

Special competence

Our own product has taught us how close cooperation between product development and production ensures high quality.

Flexibility, customer-friendliness

Our flexible, customer-centric approach, together with our experience and expertise, produce tangible dividends for customers.

TW Logstacker

Smart product development – new generation logstacker

A product equipped with the market’s latest technology in record time. This is what one can expect when decades of machine and equipment building experience join with the excellence of our comprehensive network of collaborators. The goal was to create a product that is easy to make, service and use. And that’s what happened. The TW Logstacker is a truly modern logstacker featuring low operating costs – an awarded, stylishly designed product.

Familiarize yourself with the TW Logstacker

Competitive total deliveries for nearly 60 years

Engineering workshop production of heavy iron and steel structures for construction began at Toijala in 1960. Our first total delivery came a few years later when the Helsinki Haka Construction Cooperative ordered total production technology for a new precast concrete factory. Standardized serial production required product development and investments, but a new path had been set – Toijala had gained a technology industry contract manufacturer specializing in machinery, equipment and factory deliveries. It was time to widen the doors.
Familiarize yourself with our whole history ->

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