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Toijala Works 2.0

When in 10.1.2022 most of our factory was burnt down in a fire, we immediately began reworking and rebuilding our workspace. 6.3.2023 these projects were finished and our new 9 267m2 surface area factory was ready. Below is a short compilation video of our new factory.


Our machining department is a 1 500m2 surface area hall with 6m x 5m outside doors. This hall contains one 16t and two 6,3t lifting capacity bridge cranes with a hook height of 8 metres. Our machining department also contains a measuring room.


Our welding department is a 2 600m2 surface area hall with two 6m x 6m doors. Our lifting capacity versatile with one 2x16t, 10t and 6,3t bridge cranes. In addition, we have four 2t cranes and five 0,5t walking wall cranes. Our hook height is 8m in all cranes, except for the walking wall cranes, which have the hook height of 7,5m.


The assembly line is a 2 600m2 surface area hall with multiude of different sized doors to fit different vehicles. This hall includes large lifting capacities with hook length of 8m to assist in assembling the large machinery.

Surface Finishes

Our hall for surface finishing includes a 330m2 surface area iron sandblowing space, 400m2 surface area space for painting and 1000m2 surface area space for drying the painted machinery. In every sector our lifting capacity is 10t, except in the drying space where it is 2×12,5t bridge cranes.

Office spaces

Our office spaces operate on two different floors. The first floor includes enjoyable working spaces for the employees working in the offices. The second floor hosts negotiation rooms and space for the work of our customers. Furniture and layout plans are made in collaboration with ISKU interior with a focus on functionality. Our staff also has the possibility to eat in our own cafeteria which guarantees a delicious dinner every work day – not forgetting the delicious sweets and coffee!

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