Operating model

This is our way to work

Service-minded contract manufacturing

We recognize that what we do has a big effect on your business – and therefore commitment to your goals and needs is one of the keystones of our work, regardless of whether we serve you with total or partial deliveries. Our total deliveries include advanced mechanical and electrical engineering, purchasing and supplier network management, manufacturing, and spare parts deliveries.

Total deliveries

Cost-effective, overall solutions arise by concentrating production. We offer total machine and equipment deliveries, from product development to finished products.

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Partial deliveries

We also offer partial deliveries to the extent required. Assembly work or fabrication of the steel structures of machines and equipment is easily and effortlessly arranged through us.

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Our experience is to your advantage, when it’s time to outsource

Our long experience of the receipt of large outsourced production projects has helped us develop our way of working. Based on our experience, we have created a systematic process for the receipt of outsourced work which enables us to ensure a successful outcome. When manufacturing is in reliable hands, the customer can focus resources on the most vital matters.

Customer’s need to outsource

Clarify the starting situation

Make offer for receipt of outsourced work

Draw up a cooperation agreement

Plan the outsourcing project

Commence the work

The process starts from the customer’s need to outsource, after which an NDA is prepared and the starting situation is clarified. We then make an offer for the receipt of outsourced work, and, when the offer is accepted, a cooperation agreement is signed.

Networked operating model creates agility

For large product development projects we apply the networked product development model that proved so useful in developing the TW logstacker. “Best performers” are chosen for each part of the process, which significantly shortens the time spent on product development.

Toijala Works

Assembly Machining Welding Product development Logistics Network management


Pretreatment Partial manufacture Components

End customer

Marketing Product development Product support Aftersales

Our role in the network is to ensure that our customer’s vision is executed as desired. We take responsibility for manufacturing, logistics, network management, and developing the product and its manufacturability together with the customer. Due to our global supplier network, the whole process is handled in the most cost-effective and effortless way for the customer. We can use our network for the pretreatment stages and component purchasing, for example.

Precise cost monitoring

Do we keep the cost structure secret? No way! With us, there is no need to speculate about the cost structure of the products being manufactured. We value transparent cost monitoring, allowing the customer to precisely monitor how the product costs are formed. By using the “open books” reporting method, we guarantee production transparency concerning material costs and work hours, for example. Our open reporting helps customers become familiar with the cost structures of their own products.

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