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We’re a specialist in machine building. We make entire machines, or the related steel structures such as frames and boom systems, for our customers. For us, machine building isn’t just a question of assembly – it’s a long-term, strategic partnership. We commit to our customers’ goals, and we offer our deep experience in developing products and designing them for manufacturability – as exemplified by our range of customer projects and our signature product, the TW Logstacker.


Total deliveries

Cost-effective, overall solutions arise by concentrating production. We offer total machine and equipment deliveries, from product development to finished products.

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Partial deliveries

We also offer partial deliveries to the extent required. Assembly work or fabrication of the steel structures of machines and equipment is easily and effortlessly arranged through us.

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“The reason we concentrated production in Toijala Works was their versatile machine building skills and genuine ability to listen to the customer. Their flexibility in handling large volume fluctuations was also well-known.”

Chairman of the board Kari Kangas, Tana Oy

Customer stories

Tana Oy

Strategic partnership

Tana’s cooperation with Toijala Works began in 2006 when Tana outsourced the manufacture and assembly of its landfill compactors and waste shredders to Toijala Works. Production was concentrated in Toijala because of the company’s versatile machine building skills, and its genuine ability to listen to the customer.

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Robonic Ltd Oy

When quality and flexibility are critical

Toijala Works manufactures UAS (unmanned aerial system) catapult launchers for Robonic Ltd Oy. The catapults are made at Toijala Works in Toijala. Collaboration between the two companies began in 2009 when Robonic sought a partner in Southern Finland with the capability for flexible, high-quality contract manufacture.

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Sandvik Group

Cooperation since 1991

Toijala Works has fabricated steel frames for Sandvik’s machines ever since 1991. Over the years the production program has included rail beams, rod changers and booms for surface and underground drill rigs, and complete drill rigs. Nowadays, Toijala Works operates as a key supplier of subassemblies and parts for Sandvik’s drill booms.

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Protolab LTD

From collaborators to genuine partners

Protolab Ltd is a design & engineering office whose products Toijala Works manufactures. Discussions on collaboration began in 2016, and the first joint vehicle, the PMPV 6x6 Protected Multipurpose Vehicle, “MiSu”, was delivered to the customer in spring, 2018. Over a two-year period, collaboration has been transformed into a strategic partnership.

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