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When quality and flexibility are critical

When quality and flexibility are critical – Toijala Works is Robonic’s partner

Toijala Works manufactures UAS (unmanned aerial system) catapult launchers for Robonic Ltd Oy. The catapults are made at Toijala Works in Toijala. Collaboration between the two companies began in 2009 when Robonic sought a partner in Southern Finland with the capability for flexible, high-quality contract manufacture. A key criterion for the partner was flexibility concerning production volumes. Toijala Works stood out at an early stage as a potential partner, and this impression only strengthened during the initial meetings and familiarization visits.

– ”We quickly found common ground in the negotiations and decided to start cooperation. From the beginning our partnership has been effortless and transparent – and has only improved over the years as our mutual understanding and appreciation of each other’s organization, people and skills has increased,” says Markku Viitala, Robonic’s Operations Manager.

Catapult manufacture requires that the personnel know the product extremely well. Robonic is served at Toijala Works by its own, key staff who ensure a sufficient level of knowledge of the company’s products and objectives.

– “Our product is not simple. So the professionalism and competence of Toijala Works’ personnel is critical. As our customers come from the aviation industry, their quality demands and expectations – not to mention our own demands and expectations – are extremely high. But Toijala Works has performed superlatively,” says Viitala.

Also essential for a successful outcome is the free flow of frank and instantaneous information. Partnership requires transparency from both sides. Solutions are best found when partners trust each other and react to changing situations promptly and flexibly.

– “Manufacturing a complex product is not always a piece of cake. Since perfection doesn’t exist, you always come up against situations to which you must react in one way or another. The key is to react quickly and to communicate. It is therefore crucial that the Toijala Works management and work supervisors are easily accessible,” remarks Viitala.

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