6.3.2024 Toijala Works’ New Factory Is Ready

Toijala Works’ new factory is ready – the company is investing in new production technology and strengthening the competitiveness of the engineering industry


The new factory of Toijala Works, which specializes in machine building and steel structures, in Toijala, Akaa, is ready. The new factory has been designed and built to replace the old factory that burned down in 2022. Its official opening was celebrated on March 6, 2024. The new factory is a significant investment in the domestic engineering industry and production technology, with which Toijala Works aims to expand and grow its operations in the coming years.


Toijala Works is an industrial subcontractor that manufactures machines and related steel structures, such as frames and booms. The company’s old factory hall and offices were destroyed beyond repair in a fire at the beginning of 2022. The fire destroyed approximately 10,000 square meters, i.e. more than half of Toijala Works’ production premises, and caused damages of millions of euros.

After the fire, production continued on sheltered premises, and planning for a new factory began immediately after the fire.


– The starting point for the design of the factory hall and the new premises was to build a logistically functioning entity that enables efficient production. The planning also tried to consider possible future production needs and requirements. The latest building technology was used in the construction to guarantee an energy-efficient whole, says Toijala Works CEO Pasi Kannisto.

The total area of the new factory and offices is about 9,000 square meters. Toijala Works’ investment in the new factory is nationally large and its value is more than 20 million euros. There has not been much investment in the engineering industry in Finland in recent years.


– In addition to the factory, we are investing in new production technology, which enables, among other things, an even wider range of services and an increase in production capacity. For example, our assembly capacity will increase significantly. The new assembly hall, on the other hand, enables manufacturing on an assembly line, where the transfer of machines takes place on an air cushion lift. With new machining centers, we can work even larger structures and pieces more efficiently than before. Investments have also been made in welding technology, Kannisto explains.


Growth is sought by, among other things, developing our own products and partnerships.


The goal of Toijala Works is to expand its business with existing and new customers.


– Our goal is to exceed 50 million euros in turnover in the next few years. We seek growth especially from the business of our own products and by further developing cooperation with our strategic partners. We strongly believe in the competitiveness and know-how of the Finnish engineering industry in the future as well, Kannisto continues.


Toijala Works is the largest private employer in the Akaa region, and the investment in the new factory is also a significant investment in the well-being of the personnel and the development of skills.


– Developing our team’s skills will be key in the future when productivity and service quality are further improved. For example, we have just started an extensive training program related to the use of new machining centers, says Kannisto.


More information:

Pasi Kannisto, Toijala Works, CEO, tel. 040 078 8062, pasi.kannisto@toijalaworks.fi


Toijala Works is a mechanical engineering and steel construction professional founded in 1960. The company offers its customers production outsourcing services – manufacturing capacity and customized services at different stages of the order-delivery process. The company’s offices are in Pirkanmaa, Akaa Toijala and Viiala, and it employs a total of about 200 people. Toijala Works’ turnover in 2023 was €48 million.

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