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Cooperation since 1991

Cooperation since 1991

Toijala Works has fabricated steel frames for Sandvik’s machines ever since 1991. Although the products and quantities made have varied over the years, along with changes in Sandvik’s manufacturing and purchasing strategies, they have included rail beams, rod changers and booms for surface and underground drill rigs, and complete drill rigs. Toijala Works’ status as a key supplier of parts and subassemblies for Sandvik’s drill booms is based on its long experience of making Sandvik’s exacting products, as well as its ability to respond to increasing demand. The collaboration has also benefitted from the companies’ close physical proximity.

– ”Above all, fabricating Sandvik’s products requires reliability, in terms of both quality and deliveries. Toijala Works must closely monitor Sandvik’s forecasts and take all necessary steps, such as raising capacity in advance, to ensure that delivery times will remain short and delivery capacity will remain high. I can testify that Toijala Works is a dependable partner for exacting and high-volume parts deliveries. We know what we’ll get, and what to expect,” says Olli Piekkala from Sandvik.

The future looks bright. Sandvik’s equipment volumes are expected to remain at a high level, and procurement from Toijala Works is increasing. Care must be taken over capacity and competitiveness, so that Toijala Works can continue to meet demand and make new parts for Sandvik in the future, too.

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