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From collaborators to genuine partners

From collaborators to genuine partners

Protolab Ltd is a design & engineering office whose products Toijala Works manufactures. Discussions on collaboration began in 2016, and the first joint vehicle, the PMPV 6×6 Protected Multipurpose Vehicle known as Misu, was delivered to the customer in spring, 2018. Over a two-year period, collaboration has been transformed into a strategic partnership. Toijala Works’ owners financed Protolab’s operations and are now also Protolab shareholders.

–”Our products include new, special materials, in the handling of which Toijala Works’ personnel already had a lot of experience. In fact, their expertise in welding and assembling such materials for heavy vehicles is first class. It would, indeed, be quite a challenge to make these products without a partner like Toijala Works,” says Jukka Kemppainen from Protolab.

Manufacturing the Misu Protected Multipurpose Vehicles requires that safety and quality issues are given high priority, that working space and methods are completely reorganized, that specialized expertise is available for machining special materials, and that all operations meet the demands of quality systems on an everyday basis.

– ”Toijala Works’ spirit of openness and cooperation has helped in solving even the most complex issues that arise. Our joint product development has been a time when new competence related to welding and modifying advanced types of armored steel has come into being in Toijala,” continues Kemppainen.

Close cooperation concerning the manufacture and development of the Misu vehicles is continuing. Both companies aim to further develop their knowledge and skills in this area, and to keep production in Finland. They already have plans and ideas for new products.

See the Finnish-language video relating to MiSu at tehtävä Santahaminassa on YouTube.

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